Contract Manufacturing Services (Bulk or Packaged)

  • Tablets - Uncoated, Film Coated, Enteric Coated, Dissolvable, Sustained Release
  • Encapsulation - 2 Piece Hardshell (Bovine Gelatin, HPMC, Fish Gelatin, Delayed Release) Powder or Liquid Fill                                                          
  • Softgels - Your Custom Formulation or Choose our Stock Products with Low Minimums (One Case 4000 - 25000)
  • Powders - Drum to Hopper Bulk Blends or Turnkey into Bottles, Stick Packs, Pouches and Stand Up Bags 
  • Powder Processing - Fluid Bed Granulation, Instantizing, Wet Granulation, Particle Sizing, Dry Compaction
  • Liquids - Formulation, Blending and Packaging into Bulk or Glass / Plastic Bottles
  • Solid Dose Coating - Customer Supplied Uncoated Tablets, Capsules, Softgels - AYSN will handle your Coating Needs.
 Contract Packaging Services (Customer Supplied Bulk or Finished Product)
  • Bags, Blister Pack, Bottling, Cartoning, Child Resistant Pkg, Clam Shell Pkg
  • Club / Multi Pkg, Daily Dose Packs, Display Assembly, Flow Wrapping Services
  • Fulfillment Services, Hand Assembly, Liquid Filling, Powder Filling, Secondary Assembly
  • Serialization, Shrink Sleeving and Wrapping Services, Stick Packs
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