Human Resource Solutions has teamed up with a privately owned and operated brokerage and consulting company specializing in health care benefits, payroll and human resource management and administration. They work nationwide to establish and implement a set human resource, health insurance and payroll program that would best support your company's wants and needs.

There is no need to worry about the high prices of HR consulting in today's fluctuating economy.  They work with you to set goals and objectives for us to follow and implement at your discretion.  You will find no hidden costs with them.  They will only provide high quality human resource management and consulting services.  They are only a fraction of the cost compared to larger consulting firms.

Our HR partner provides a first-rate, low-cost service to all its customers and clients.  It is compared to having a group of experienced HR managers and associates, just an e-mail or phone call away. would be glad to refer you. Simply email us at with your contact information. We will have an HR Representative contact you immediately.


Ed Vaughan

President, LLC